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Who we are

My name is Bruno Efoti, founder of Tradies In Sight, I have worked in the construction industry as a carpenter for 20 years and as a business owner for 15 years and throughout that time I observed many families struggling with the pressures of business in tough times.

I started Tradies In Sight simply because there was nothing else aimed specifically among tradespeople and men generally. I was spending my work time advocating for tradies who needed help and I realized the importance of just talking to people and with men that can be difficult.

I realized there needed to be more education and support around mental health and well-being and I wanted to create links to services in our area for men who are often reluctant to talk about these issues.

I am passionate about creating safe spaces to learn new skills in dealing with the modern pressures tradespeople are under. We don’t do feelings well in Australia and its well past time that this changed.

There comes a point where we need to stop just pulling people out of the river. We need to go upstream & find out why they're falling in. Desmond Tutu

Why we do it

We are helping the trade community in our region through events to highlight the support out there and offer personalized support for people who make contact with us. We have spent may hours walking through depression, marriage breakdowns and suicide threats.

Since our inception in April we have hosted 15 breakfast and night events where we fed over 1000 people. Food and fire are magic at getting people to share whats really going on.

The flow on effect has been many individuals taking hold of their mental well-being and seeking professional help ,as we have broken through the stigma surrounding this issue and given many people the freedom and confidence to start a positive conversation. We have attended many events as guests and connected with hundreds of members of the community at sporting functions and trade fairs.

Being a pacific islander there is usually a pig involved as well are fire and other food. I have an amazing custom built spit and a great team of volunteers ready to carve and serve.

We also do Umu’s ( underground ovens) when we have run out of pigs. Sharing a meal together gives me opportunities to connect and encourage people to look at mental health and well being in new ways to do life better.

I did some study in counselling along side my wife and I am enrolled to continue to grow my knowledge and skills to help families in this region.

How we do it

Tradies in Sight operates in Western NSW. We have worked in the Federal electorate of Parkes and the State electorate of Dubbo. We are concentrating our focus in this area for the time being as we have a concentration of tradesmen with 7000 operating in Dubbo alone, with over 200 000 people using Dubbo as a retail and medical base we feel that this is our best place to concentrate our efforts.

We are now a registered Not for Profit organisation and we have been granted DGR status.

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