Tradies in Sight

Tradies in Sight is a mental health and wellbeing organisation dedicated to supporting tradies in regional NSW

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Tradies in Sight

You are not alone

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Tradies in Sight

"We don't do feelings well in Australia and it's well past time that this changed"

-Bruno Efoti

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Message from Bruno

"Tradies in Sight is a not-for-profit program aimed at raising awarness of the mental health issues that are unique to tradies and providing them with information and support. In an industry where the rate of suicide is six times the national average, this is a vital support network."

Health and wellbeing

Your mental wellbeing is important

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Our Vision

A future where all tradies are holistically capable of managing their own mental health

Our Mission

We believe in bridging the gap in mental health services between suicide prevention and good mental health for tradespeople and their families. To bring hope and build a positive future, equipping tradies with skills they haven’t developed yet.

To stand beside you today, shoulder to shoulder be it by friend, fire or food helping you learn the skills you need to see how valuable you really are. To make a real difference to tradies affected by mental health through faithful support. United we can change lives, in changing lives we change families, in changing families we change communities. We help tradies reach their full potential.

Our Values


An action of sacrifice that intentionally desires another’s highest good, understanding that in being vulnerable we can support each other through life’s challenges.


Developing meaningful relationships demonstrating compassion, understanding, loyalty and gratefulness.


Boldness in being truthful and honest in all areas of life demonstrating trust, honesty, and respect.

Servant Leadership

Helping others become healthier, wiser, freer, more autonomous, and more likely for others to become servant leaders.